Cracked Teeth

Treating Cracked Teeth in Roslyn, Long Island

Various types of tooth cracks feature different sets of problems and treatments. Our office can use digital radiography and other diagnostic equipment to determine the intensity of the fracture and decide upon a course of treatment. NY Endodontic Associates’ investment in advanced technology makes it possible for our team to offer precision endodontics for cracked teeth. If you have noticed an unsightly crack or if you are experiencing pain from a tooth fracture, contact our Roslyn, Long Island dental office.

Types of Cracked Teeth

Craze Lines: Extremely common in adult teeth, craze lines are tiny surface cracks on the enamel of teeth. These cracks are typically shallow and do not cause any pain; however, they may be unattractive. For patients with craze lines, endodontic treatment is not necessary, but cosmetic bonding may cover unsightly cracks.

Fractured Cusp: Located on the chewing surface, the cusp is the pointed edge of a tooth. Whether weakened from injury, infection, or a lack of mineral strength, a crack on the cusp of the tooth can cause discomfort. Any pain from a fractured cusp is usually alleviated once the cusp breaks off by itself or is removed by a dentist. A fractured cusp does not typically reach the pulp of the tooth; therefore, the crack should not cause infection or damage tooth nerves and will not require endodontic treatment. Your dentist can restore the tooth with a crown.

Cracked Tooth: Extending vertically toward the root, a crack in the tooth may cause damage to the pulp, or nerve center, of the tooth. Exposed pulp can cause a toothache and sensitivity to extreme temperatures and certain foods. A cracked tooth usually requires root canal treatment. Our root canal specialists can clean the tooth of infection, fill the root canal with a strong material, and have your restorative dentist replace the outside tooth structure with a durable porcelain crown. The restoration will not only alleviate the pain caused by a cracked tooth but also correct cosmetic issues.

Some cracks in teeth may extend beyond the gum line to the tooth root. In these cases, a root canal treatment will not be sufficient. An extraction is required to remove the infected tooth and prevent further damage to the gingival tissue and jawbone. Treating this condition swiftly is vital to your oral health. Vulnerable to internal infection, a severely cracked tooth can develop an abscess, which is an infection of the gum tissue that can sometimes enter the bloodstream and cause serious illness.

Vertical Root Fracture: Vertical root fractures are cracks that begin in the root of the tooth and extend toward the chewing surface. They often show minimal signs and symptoms and may go unnoticed for some time. Vertical root fractures are often discovered when the surrounding bone and gum become infected. Treatment is necessary to avoid further harm to your oral health, which may include tooth loss, jawbone deterioration, and advanced decay.

With a procedure called a root amputation, we can conserve the most tooth structure possible to help you avoid extraction. Advanced technology such as surgical operating microscopes and electronic length indicators give our team the precision and efficiency needed for this procedure. We will work diligently to alleviate the pain of vertical root fracture while maintaining the healthy structure of your tooth.

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