How to Deal with Common Symptoms of Root Canal Issues

Issue: Momentary sensitivity to temperature

If eating or drinking hot or cold foods, or even breathing hot or cold air, is painful on contact, this can signal a variety of dental issues. Temporary discomfort due to temperature may be a symptom of teeth grinding, tooth decay, a loose filling, or gum recession that exposes small areas of the root surface.
What to do:
Using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, brush your teeth gently in small circles. Schedule an appointment with NY Endodontic Associates to examine continued sensitivity; if tooth decay is the cause, it should be treated before the infection spreads.

Issue: Sensitivity to temperature after dental treatment

Dental work may temporarily inflame the pulp inside the tooth, causing sensitivity to temperature.
What to do:
Inflammation from dental work should subside within a week. If the pain persists or worsens, see Dr. Goziker to ensure that no complications have arisen from your procedure.

Issue: Sharp pain with chewing

Several dental health issues may be factors in pain associated with biting food. Tooth decay, a failed dental restoration, a crack in the tooth, and other damage may have compromised the pulp tissue inside the tooth.
What to do:
Our root canal specialists should evaluate the tooth for internal infection. If the pulp is damaged, a root canal treatment may be necessary to save the tooth. Our Roslyn endodontists can treat the infection and fill the root canal with a strong filling.

Issue: Lingering pain from hot or cold temperatures

As with sharp pain from biting into food, lingering temperature sensitivity may be a symptom of an internally-infected tooth, a loose filling, or a cracked tooth. If you are feeling persistent tooth pain from eating hot or cold foods, your tooth may be in danger of abscess if it is left untreated.
What to do:
Our seasoned endodontists in Roslyn can help you alleviate tooth pain and restore your tooth function with a root canal treatment using advanced endodontic technology.

Issue: Constant severe pain or pressure, including swelling or sensitive gums

Severe tooth decay may cause an infection to spread into the tooth root and between the gums and tooth. An abscessed tooth causes an infection in the surrounding gingival tissue and bone, which can cause severe pain with or without contact.
What to do:
See New York Endodontic Associates for evaluation and root canal treatment as soon as possible. Immediate treatment is imperative to save your tooth and otherwise maintain your oral health. Our Doctors have advanced training and experience in performing complex endodontic surgeries.

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