Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery encompasses a variety of procedures to heal complex dental health issues. Some of these oral health problems include infection beneath the root tip, a compromised or cracked tooth root, and a failed root canal treatment. New York Endodontic Associates has the advanced technology and experienced team to perform even the most complex endodontic surgeries.

Diagnosis of Hidden Dental Issues in Roslyn

Surgical diagnosis by an endodontist may be required for hidden dental problems that do not appear with regular diagnostics but still present persistent symptoms. For instance, your tooth may have a tiny fracture or infected canal that cannot be detected with a visual examination or digital X-rays. In such cases, surgery allows our endodontic specialist to examine the entire root of your tooth, find the problem, and provide treatment. Equipped with a surgical operating microscope that allows enhanced vision into the tiniest spaces, we can seek out the underlying problem.

Root Canal Complications

Complications with root canal treatments may also create a need for endodontic surgery. For example, calcium deposits make a canal too narrow for the instruments used in nonsurgical root canal treatment to reach the end of the root. Called calcification, these deposits may require your endodontist to perform endodontic surgery to thoroughly clean and seal the canal. Other complications may include an abnormally-shaped root canal or injured tooth root.

Conserving Natural Teeth

Endodontic surgery also encompasses apicoectomies, which can help prevent tooth loss. When an infection forms beneath the root tip, the tooth is vulnerable to losing its attachment to the jawbone. Apicoectomies go below the gum line and underneath the tooth root to remove the infected bone tissue. Once removed, the infected tissue can be replaced by healthy bone regeneration, conserving the tooth and preventing further jawbone deterioration or tooth loss.

Root Canal Retreatment

Unfortunately, some dentists may leave behind infection from a root canal procedure or provide a faulty restoration that allows bacteria and infection to infiltrate the tooth. To correct this painful dental issue, root canal retreatment is necessary. For more information about the benefits of root canal retreatment and the procedure involved, visit our root canal retreatment page.

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