Root Canal Treatment

How do I know if I need a root canal treatment?

The signs and symptoms of an infected root canal vary. Sometimes you may feel a toothache. Sharp pain with biting into food, sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, or an aching feeling when eating sugary substances are all signs of deep tooth decay. Unfortunately, not all internally-infected teeth present obvious symptoms, which can lead to continued undetected decay.

The best way to know if you need a root canal is a diagnostic radiograph by our office in Roslyn. Using digital radiography, our Doctors can illustrate the condition of your teeth on a chairside monitor to show you the location and extent of the decay. If the infection has reached the pulp chamber, or nerve center, of the tooth, a root canal treatment is necessary.

What causes toothaches?

Several oral health factors contribute to a toothache. Food lodged between teeth or between teeth and gums can cause tooth pain. In some cases, cracked tooth syndrome, a condition in which a tiny fracture causes tooth sensitivity, may be the source of toothache. However, the most common cause for a toothache is decay. If you are feeling severe pain, you may have an internally-infected tooth, which occurs when a cavity reaches the center of the tooth called the pulp. The nerves inside the pulp will signal pain when exposed to damaging decay and bacteria.

How is a root canal procedure beneficial?

Endodontic treatment is beneficial for removing infected nerves inside the tooth. Without the damaged nerves, the tooth can no longer feel the pain of toothache. Root canal treatments also prevent the bacteria from spreading past the root tip and into the jawbone, which could cause abscess and dangerous infection. If a tooth should reach this level of decay, the patient may be in danger of tooth loss. Avoiding extractions requires maintaining the health of the remaining tooth structure and its attachment to the jawbone.

What does a root canal entail?

At our dental specialty office in Roslyn, we perform root canal treatments with accuracy and meticulous care. Removing infection is efficient and thorough with our rotary endodontic equipment, and we can effectively prepare the root canal for treatment with the use of vibrating ultrasonic handpieces. Our endodontists are even trained in Biolase technology for water laser treatment and debridement of root canals. After removing the damaged nerves and sterilizing the tooth, we fill the root canal with thermoplastic gutta-percha, an advanced filling material that conforms to the exact shape of your root canal with the use of heat. After sealing the cleaned root canal to prevent infection, a porcelain restoration such as a crown replaces the damaged tooth structure so that your tooth will function optimally.

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