Root Canal Post-Op Instructions

Steps to Take After Endodontic Treatment

At our Roslyn dental office, we take pride in providing our patients with resources to ensure comfort and optimal treatment. Our office provides you with information to help you understand what you are feeling after treatment. Post-operative instructions for a root canal procedure will help you during the healing process of your treatment and support a successful treatment outcome.

Endodontics Special Considerations

Several factors influence post-treatment sensations. In many cases, if you experienced pain prior to treatment, the sensation may persist for a few days following the procedure. Typically, you should feel minimal discomfort during the days following treatment; however, the body’s immune response may be the cause of some inflammation or soreness. Swelling should gradually subside in one to three days.

Post-Operative Instructions for Endodontic Surgery

Following post-operative instructions will prevent injury to your teeth, complications with healing, and the need for further treatment. This advice is meant to help the patient achieve optimal healing following a root canal treatment. Please adhere to these instructions unless you are advised otherwise by your endodontist in Roslyn.

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