Traumatic Injuries

NY Endodontics Treats Traumatic Tooth Injuries

Traumatic injuries and dental emergencies may leave you in a panic, but New York Endodontic Associates can help relieve your pain and put your mind at ease with minimally-invasive endodontic procedures.

Root canal treatment can mend a number of tooth injuries including damaged soft tissue and infected tooth pulp. Experienced endodontists in Roslyn, Dr. Joseph Bruckner and Dr. Edward Goziker are prepared to diagnose your injury and provide the treatment you need to reclaim your dental health.

Advanced technologies such as the surgical operating microscope, digital radiography, ultrasonics and rotary instrumentation allow our root canal specialists to treat a tooth injury quickly and gently. Whether you have a chipped or infected tooth, our compassionate team of professionals will work diligently to eliminate your pain and restore tooth function. We are dedicated to precise diagnosis, meticulous infection removal, and optimal root canal filling for the success of your endodontic treatment.

Injuries to Children’s Teeth

For children who sustain injuries to permanent teeth, special treatment may be required. Because the tip of the tooth root, called the apex, is open, and the root canal walls are thin, the development of the tooth may be in danger. To prevent further damage and save the child’s tooth, our Doctors may perform an apexogenesis or apexification procedure.

Apexogenesis to Save an Injured Tooth

Using medication applied directly to the tooth, apexogenesis encourages the tooth root to continue developing and heal the pulp. The injured soft tissue is covered with a medication to heal and regenerate root growth. As the apex, or root tip, closes, the walls of the root canal thicken, which strengthens the tooth. More mature tooth roots have a better chance of healing; however, apexogenesis may not always be successful. In these cases, our root canal specialists may recommend a revitalization procedure or sometimes apexification.

Apexification to Remove Tooth Infection

Much like a root canal treatment, apexification removes the damaged pulp tissue from inside the tooth. Experienced in pediatric endodontics, our root canal specialists will apply medication to the root, which will help hard tissue form near the apex, or root tip, to provide a barrier for the filling. After this tissue forms the Doctors will use advanced filling material that employs heat to thoroughly seal the root canal, maximizing the protection of the tooth.

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