Advanced Technology

Advancements in technology make endodontic procedures safer, more efficient, and more precise. New York Endodontic Associates has invested in equipment that offers quicker processing, enhanced visibility, and increased patient comfort. Additionally, our specialists have been trained on the forefront of endodontic technology to provide skilled service with every root canal treatment. At our dental office in New Hyde Park, we believe in giving our patients every advantage during root canal procedures.

Digital Radiographs

advanced technology

Using 80% less radiation than conventional X-rays, digital radiography offers even more benefits than decreased radiation exposure. In addition to safety, digital radiographs provide the convenience of immediately-viewable images. Conventional radiographs require chemical processing which is not only time consuming, but also poses a risk for the environment because of chemical waste. Digital radiography is also a component of our vision of patient education. Projection of the X-ray images on a large monitor allows our doctors to illustrate diagnoses and explain procedures to patients. Additionally, since the radiograph images are digital, they are also easily transferable for referrals to other dentists or providing data to insurance companies for filing claims.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

electronic apex locator

Mild vibrations from an ultrasonic handpiece allow increased comfort with root canal procedures. With ultrasonic devices, endodontic treatment is now performed easier with more precision and allows us to uncover missed canals in previously failed root canal procedures as well as safe removal of posts or other obstructions to allow for complete root canal debridement.

Surgical Operating Microscopies

For delicate and complex root canals, enhanced visibility offers more thorough treatment. Non-surgical and surgical endodontics benefit from improved illumination and magnificationduring these intricate procedures. Using a surgical microscope, our root canal specialists are able to see directly into the root canal system for accurate treatment of the infected tooth. An added benefit is that surgical operating microscopes can also capture images for your records.

digital radiographs
digital radiographs

Rotary Endodontics

ultrasonic cleaning

Made of nickel titanium, our instrumentation allows us the flexibility required for complicated root canal anatomy with the benefit of efficient infection removal. Rotary endodontic instrumentation eliminates the need for arduous manual cleansing of the canals and offers a quicker, smoother root canal debridement technique. In addition, nickel titanium is five times more flexible than traditional stainless steel equipment, which translates to a lowered risk of complications.

Electronic Apex Locators

surgical microscopes

Digital devices called electronic apex locators measure the exact length of a root canal. With the data from this device, our root canal specialists can verify that treatment of the full length of the root canals has been performed. Electronic apex locators replace the former X-ray method for determining root canal length, which was more time consuming and less accurate.

Advanced Filling Material

The success of a root canal treatment often depends on the obturation or filling of the canals. A strong filling that completely seals the root canal space prevents further infection and other complications. Our Doctors employ thermoplastic gutta-percha filling material, which uses heat to fill all dimensions of the canal space and maximize the hermetic seal.

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